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We asked, You Said

Community input is important to us. It not only helps us understand the challenges we face as a community, but our areas of strength as well.  Below you'll find input we've received and where it has spurred action in our community. 



A community asset is anything that can be used to improve the quality of life in a community.  We asked, "In your neighborhood, what makes it easier to stay healthy?"  Key themes included:

“I have the ability to walk to work along the walking path that's parallel to the train tracks, which has made a tremendous impact on my mental health each day. I wish this for everyone."

Challenges are aspects of our community that we can work to improve.  We asked, "In your neighborhood, what makes it harder to stay healthy?"  Key themes included:

“Many streets are very dark in the evening or nighttime, limiting outdoor activity to daylight hours. This makes it very hard to get outside because I work full time and leave at dawn, come home at dusk for most of the year."
What Changed

This input drives the priorities in SLO County's Community Health Improvement Plan — a strategic plan around health in our community. 
This plan acts as a roadmap for how the Public Health Department and community partners will work together to improve community health in the coming years. 

See the current plan here and the success stories that have come out of it.

The next iteration of the Community Health Improvement Plan is underway.  Please check back soon for updates.
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