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Community Health Survey 2023

Summary of selected survey questions

The Community Health Survey was posted online and available February - March 2023. Residents of San Luis Obispo County who were 18 years or older were eligible to complete the survey, which contained 55 questions about their health, community, and access to resources.


There were 3,844 responses to the survey, but 322 responses were identified as probable duplicates responses and were removed. An additional 39 were excluded because the respondent was not a resident or the respondent was under the age of 18, leaving the final number of valid responses at 3,483.


After combining the survey language with language spoken at home, 77% of respondents were categorized as English-speakers, 13% of respondents were categorized as Spanish-speakers, and 5% of respondents were categorized as speakers of another language. Survey responses were compared by language, but are not included in this report. These were excluded because of the much higher rates of missing data and skipped questions among Spanish and Other Language speakers (often as high as 15% missing for the survey results that are presented here, compared to 2% for all respondents)--this missingness makes it difficult to interpret the results and create accurate comparisons.


The survey results should be interpreted with the understanding that the responses may not be representative of the county population or might not represent all subpopulations in the county. With this in mind, the next page compares the demographics of survey respondents to the demographics of the county. Because some questions on demographics were frequently skipped by respondents, the first graph includes the missing responses and the second one exclude missing responses. Missing responses are otherwise included in the denominator or specified group in all other summaries.


Graphs are interactive--hover over the graphs to view labels or select data from the legend to create a semi-customizable view. Data from all graphs can be downloaded.

Spanish translation is available here.

Tip! Select elements in the legend to turn them 'on' or 'off'.

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