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To our health

For over a century, SLO County nonprofits and governmental agencies have worked together to make our community as healthy as possible. From Nipomo to San Miguel and beyond, we strive to create safe and healthy places to live, work, learn and play. This site provides key data and information about these opportunities for health, and the challenges we can work together to overcome.


DATA Highlights

The power of data to guide community health improvement is immense. Accurate, relevant information helps us determine how to most effectively direct limited resources and where to find assets we can leverage to make positive change. Take a look at some of this data below.


Information about where we live in the county and who makes up our unique population.

Infant & Maternal Health

Data around the health of mothers, children and babies, which can build the foundation for life-long health and well-being.

Substance Use

Insights into drug and alcohol use and the impact of opioids on our community.

Social Context

Data on where we live, learn, work, and play — and how that can either support health or make it harder to be healthy. 

Access & Barriers to Care

Information on the number and geographic location of health care providers, as well as other barriers to accessing care.

Chronic Disease

A look at chronic diseases and conditions in our county — such as heart attacks and stroke, cancers, respiratory diseases and diabetes.

Life Expectancy

Insights into how long we live, and the quality of life we experience during those years. 

Mental Health

A view into our social and emotional health, including social isolation and mental health disorders.

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand
Infectious Disease

Information on infectious disease in our county, including those transmitted by food, vectors, or person to person spread.


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