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Other Data Sources

We are fortunate in SLO County to have a variety of other data sources to inform our work.  Check out just a few of them below.

SLOCOG Regional Data Center.PNG

SLOCOG Regional Data Center

A local data hub, hosted by SLOCOG, which allows users to explore data by category, view map applications, and download GIS data.

Comm Fdn Data Center.PNG

Community Foundation of SLO County Reports & Data Center

A collection of reports to help raise public awareness around needs, trends, and emerging issues in San Luis Obispo County.

Office of Health Equity.PNG

CDPH Office of Health Equity Data Project

The Healthy Communities Data and Indicators Project (HCI) provides data on incomes, food affordability, air pollution, access to parks and more. 



CalSCHLS dashboards examine the most recent state and local CA Healthy Kids Survey results, trends over time, and disparities in survey outcomes across subgroups.



Data about the health and well being of children in communities across California.

Ca State Geoportal.PNG

California State Geoportal

Public access to location-based government data on topics like health, land use, energy, and more, that you can explore, visualize and download.



Interactive map of CA census tracts which shows the pollution burden for communities alongside population characteristics, like asthma and education. 

School Laboratory


DataQuest provides data about K-12 students that supports a wide variety of informational, research, and policy needs. Summary and detailed data reports are available for multiple subject areas at the school, district, county, and state levels.

Food Access Map.PNG

SLO County Food Access & Participation Map

Interactive map of SLO County that shows CalFresh participation among all individuals who are eligible. Other map layers show Food Bank distribution sites and income by census tract. 

CalHHS Open Data Portal.PNG

California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal

Public access to one of the State’s most valuable assets – non-confidential health and human services data.

CA Open Data Portal_edited.jpg

CA Open Data Portal

A statewide open data portal created to improve collaboration, expand transparency and lead to innovation and increased effectiveness.


The San Luis Obispo Mexican Indigenous Community Study (SLOMICS) has summaries of study findings on the demographics, health needs, and living conditions of the Mexican and Latinx Indigenous communities.

Trust for Public Land Logo.png


The Trust for Public Land's ParkServe is one of the most comprehensive databases of park access levels in urban cities and towns.

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