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Key Priorities

It is within our power as a community to create environments that make it easier for all of us to live healthier lives.


Research is clear that nearly every health risk we face is shaped by the environment where we live, learn, work, and play.


A coordinated and strategic approach to creating health-supporting environments means better opportunities for everyone in our community to thrive.

A community health improvement plan acts as a roadmap for how partners will work together to counter preventable health problems and improve community well-being over the long term.


It assesses the community's health needs and collaboratively develops targeted interventions to prevent or address those challenges.

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Our Priorities

Healthy Neighborhoods

Socially cohesive, vibrant neighborhoods allow people to connect with each other, safely walk and bike, access healthy food and other things they need, and enjoy parks and open space.

Access to Care

Healthy communities ensure individuals can easily get care that is affordable, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and available when and where they need it.

Mental Health & Substance Use

Thriving and resilient communities include opportunities for people to have socio-emotional supports that prevent anxiety, depression or substance use from beginning in the first place as well as treatment for those issues when they do arise.


Priority Populations

SLO Health Counts recognizes that different populations in SLO County have different opportunities for health. Because of this, implementing this plan and the activities it outlines will require focus on the unique needs of the population groups that call SLO County home.

While this plan includes access to medical care and other elements we traditionally associate with health, it also takes into account the role of environment, housing, education, economic opportunity, language and literacy, family supports, transportation, food security, and other key drivers of our health here in SLO County.

Focus of this plan
BARHII model_adapted 2_edited.jpg

Source: Adapted from the BARHII Framework.

SLO Health Counts works across disciplines to create a SLO County that is healthy, equitable and thriving. To do this, the collaborative uses a range of strategies to improve the health of our community.

Strategies for improving health

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See what we've done SO far

Past Reports

See previous assessments and priority areas we've identified as a community.

2018 Community Health Assessment

2018-2023 Community Health Improvement Plan (and Executive Summary)

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