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Emitir resúmenes

De vez en cuando destacamos otras áreas que impactan en la salud.  Vea una lista de nuestros últimos resúmenes de problemas a continuación.

Climate Resilience Study

The Climate Resilience Study is intended to better quantify and qualify the projected impacts of climate-related hazards, including drought, extreme heat, flooding, and wildfire, on SLO County health.

Summary of Survey Results.PNG

Community Health Survey Results

See data from the 2023 Community Health Survey, including disparities by city, gender, age and more. Respondents answered questions about top health needs in the community, perceptions of their overall health, and access to health and community services.

We Asked You Said.PNG

We Asked, You Said

Community input not only helps us understand the challenges we face as a community, but our areas of strength as well. See the assets and challenges identified in the 2023 community health survey, in your own words.

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